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Nutrition care targeted to a woman's unique journey.

Why Virago Nutrition? 
Virago is a Latin-based word for a strong or heroic woman
.  An exemplary, female warrior.  Whether you're a new Mom, battling infertility or struggling with your weight, we believe all women are strong and have a warrior inside that will help them take control of their health! 


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with researched-based, medical nutrition therapy.  At Virago Nutrition, all coaching is provided by a licensed, registered dietitian with certifications in weight management and women's health.  You'll work one-on-one with our dietitians on a weekly or monthly basis to help you meet your goals.  We will design a personalized wellness or weight loss plan that's custom to your unique needs.  We make it easy for you to fit in time to put your health first.  You'll have the option of doing phone, video-based or local, in-person consults.  All counseling sessions are held through a HIPPA-compliant tele-health platform.  This allows our clients to feel confident their information is accessed and stored in a secure manner.



Your food choices affect your body’s ability to conceive, nourish a pregnancy and support a breastfeeding infant.



To achieve a healthy weight prior to pregnancy, gain weight appropriately during pregnancy and lose your baby weight after your bundle of joy arrives.


To understand what supplements are safe and appropriate for your body before, during and after baby. 


Manage chronic conditions, like PCOS or endometriosis, by using targeted nutrition therapy to help resolve symptoms.



What nutrients are most important for a woman's body as you move through different stages of your life.


Exercise can effectively support your general health and wellness, a pregnancy and efforts to get back your pre-baby body.



"I want to help women and their partners learn the remarkably important role that nutrition plays before, during and after pregnancy."
I've been counseling and educating clients about their health, weight and general wellness for many years.  However, after going through 3 years of fertility treatments and subsequently battling postpartum depression and anxiety, my love for nutrition took a different turn.  During my pregnancy and as a new mom, I found sticking to a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle extremely difficult - even with my knowledge as a registered dietitian.  It was only through my network of other health professionals that I was able to find reliable and trustworthy guidance.  As a new or even seasoned Mom you may also be looking for information regarding pregnancy, fertility treatments, breastfeeding or weight loss. That’s why I created Virago Nutrition.  I want to help women and their partners learn the remarkably important role that nutrition plays before, during and after pregnancy.